There are three types of API keys that Pluto provides:

  • publishable: Used for client-side requests, such as completing a payment intent. Prefixed by pk.
  • secret: Used for server-side requests. Since it can create, retrieve, and update sensitive data, it must be kept secret. Prefixed by sk.
  • restricted: Provides the same functionality of a secret key, but with limited permissions. Prefixed by rk.

If you make a request to the API without a key, Pluto will return a 401 Unauthorized response.

Test mode and live mode

You can make requests in a test enviroment by using a test API key. Test keys are prefixed with _test_, while live keys are prefixed with _live_. Several example keys are listed below:

  • Test publishable key: pk_test_QWVoRI8dJ5j3Dx2JGQ2su2tMf3T6BDBN
  • Live secret key: sk_live_tquRQeUJvRGvTuYtQAf1FYJfyDTaIuAs
  • Live restricted key: rk_live_b4TU7dOW6ZeaiPxBmO9ZgsDPEpUaBme5

Get an API key

To access the API, please contact support.